Hendricks finally gets a shot at GSP


After wining his 12th straight fight against Johny Hendricks, George St-Pierre (GSP) continues to be the UFC Welterweight champion. This was Hendricks first five round battle, and there where many questions on whether Hendricks had enough cardio to last the full 25-minute fight. Although Hendricks seemed to slow down after the third round he demonstrated that he is capable of sustaining a five round battle. Hendricks definitely brought his “A game,” making this one of GSP’s toughest fight.

Let’s break down the dispute about the fight that has fans asking for an immediate rematch, Despite the fact that GSP had claim to be stepping away from MMA for the time being, “I need to step away for a bit that’s all I have to say,” he told Joe Rogan after been named the winner.

In the first round GSP starts off aggressive landing a jab right away and using his background in wrestling drooping Hendricks to the mat with a takedown. GSP tried to sit for a mounted guillotine, but Hendricks quickly got on his feet. There was a few times where both where clinched along the fence. Hendricks delivered a a hard hit with his knee, however GSP responded with a left jab.

In the second round Both use more leg kicks this round. However this round would have to be the most troubled for GSP. Hendricks completely owned this round clearly. Delivering shots after shots, The fight was stopped for a few seconds to allow Hendricks to put his mouth piece back on which had fallen after clinching with each other.

There wasn’t to much action during the third round do to the fact that both where missing a lot of their shots, because they where trying to countered each other.  GSP was a little more aggressive during this round.

In the fourth round, GSP seemed to have slipped and Hendricks took full advantage of that. Having the dominant position and landing punch after punch Hendricks chose to let GSP stand up so the fight will return them to their fetes. This round was not very pretty, Hendricks delivered strong hooks causing St. Pierre to bleed a significant amount of blood. Hendricks looked for another possible takedown, but did not get it. GSP had very good balance.

In the final round GSP looked bloody and Hendricks was clean. Hendricks did not seemed worried at all. GSP gets Hendricks down twice but Hendricks is quick to his feet. Both attempt for a Kimura ( a submission hold ) but neither are successful.

George St.-Pierre defeats Johny Hendricks after a split decision by the three judges. 48-47 Hendricks, 48-47 GSP, and 48-47 GSP. A surprising call, when it seemed like Hendricks dominated most rounds. Although Hendricks lost he was still humble about it, saying he would go home train and work on what he did wrong for next time.

Not everyone was happy by this decision the president of UFC  Dana White was furious that GSP was named the winer. He was not angry at GSP, but with the Nevada state Athletic Commission, saying that the governor needs to get involve before they destroy the sport like they did with boxing. He also commented on GSP leaving MMA, and responded with, “ GSP can’t retire, he needs to go home rest, get back and give Hendricks the re-match he deserves.” White couldn’t have said it better Both are great fighters and anyone one of them is worthy of that championship, but lets be honest GSP did not win Hendricks dominated every single round. The only thing left to do is hope that GSP grants Hendricks that re-match he deserves as White said.


GSP wins Diaz is still an asshole

This past saturday was the UFC fight the main event in the Welterweight Championship fight featuring GSP (Georges St. Pierre) v.s. Diaz (Nick Diaz). And in my opinion that fight was a complete disappointment. Diaz did a very good job at talking S*** and in the end he only got his ass kicked. Although Diaz is normally considered a good fighter he had nothing to sh


ow for at the fight, GSP took control of every round, using his wrestling skills. GSP had a total of nine takedown that night.

It seemed as if Diaz did not perform to his full performance. Were GSP took advantage of every situation. Diaz fought with his mouth and not with his skills. At the end of the fight the comments he made to broadcaster Joe Rogan, made him seem nothing more than a sore loser. You have to learn to win, and accept the times you loose. Diaz hint at maybe retiring? I guess he can’t handle loosing. I honestly believe Diaz should grow a pare and get over it.

As for GSP looks like he has an opponent in line already. Johny Hendricks. Hendricks fought in the previous fight, that i would defiantly consider “The Fight Of The Night” with out a doubt.

Hendricks faced of Carlos Condit. Both great fighters with out a doubt. Hendricks is a feisty little guy in comp-arising to Condit. He came out to win, both of them came out to win, but in the end Hendricks came out on top. Hendricks also used his wrestling skills against Condit and had several take downs as well.

I do hope Hendricks receives the shot at fighting GSP after all like he mentioned to Rogan “I earned it,” and he did he deserves a shot. And i look forward to seeing this fight if it does ever happen.

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