Closing one Chapter

It has officially come to an end. The Jonas Brothers are no longer a group. What can i say? i am devastated, heart broken, speech less, But with all that i will always be a Jonas fan. Six years of supporting them, they where my first ever concert and the memories will live on forever. From driving all the way to Vegas twice to watch them, seeing them perform numerous of times here in LA whether it was performing at a venue, at the grove, watching their 3D movie or even seeing the softball/soccer games they would have, and my favorite memory ditching school my senior year just to meet Nick. Oh man the trouble i got into the following day, but it was all worth it. The things these boys made their fans do. Just to see them the energy they brought just light up the room, to the tears fans would be in when Nick would perform “A little bit longer,” and the advice, encouragement speech he would deliver along with it. It wasn’t only relating to their music but also some of the amazing people i got to meet a long the way, and for that i am thankful. It is sad to see them coming to an end but they are growing and as they grow your path may change along the way. “Family first,” said Nick, and as fans we need to respect that. However they are giving one last gift to their fans anyone that is a ‘Fan Club Member’ will receive four of the songs that where suppose to be released on the new album. So they will leave us something to remember them by. Keep the memories and cherish them forever, they where part of us growing up, “As you move on in life you have to take the experience with you as a memory and not your reality”-Nick Jonas. They may be over as a band but i know great things are awaiting for each one of them, and i cannot wait to see what they do for the rest of their lives. FOREVER A JONAS FAN. Whether its together or individual.

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