He’s Back

After being away from the music industry for six years Justin Timberlake has finally made a return. Timberlake has finally released his third album The 20/20 Experience, and what better way to release an album than with an eight minute music video that celebrates the decade-spaning love story between his grand parents William and Sadie Bomar.

Timberlake’s touching video “Mirrors”  was directed by Floria Sigismondi. The video begins with an elder women with grey hair boxing a man’s belongings with him standing behind her, as in a ghost form, to implicate that he had passed. The real life William who inspired this song/video passed away December 29 of last year after a long battle with heart trouble and dementia.

The video does an amazing job at demonstrating the love his parents had shared for 63 years. And remembering all the thing’s they did. Timberlake could not have picked a better video for the release of his new album. Make sure to check out the rest of his album, Timberlake is back and is doing an incredible job just like always.

Check out the music video Mirrors.


Welcome Post

Hello there and welcome to my blog. My name is Andrea, twenty years young filled with a lot of ambition and dreams to one day make it as a Broadcast Journalist. Because the entertainment world is what i find of interest, that is what my blog mostly consist on. However, I do find interest in other stuff as far as; sports, fashion, photography, and some news stories. My blog contains a variety of stuff that I find interesting and hope you do too and hopefully it is some sort of use to you, Enjoy! and thank you for taking the time to read!

God Bless!

“Lock Down” for Lohan

Third  Six times the charm? Lindsay Lohan seems to be heading back to rehab. The 26-year old actress accepted a plead this past monday that will sentience her to “lock down” rehab for 90 days. This will be the six time Lohan has been in treatment in the past six years.

The new “Lock Down” treatment will mean that Lohan will be working on her sobriety 24/7. No visits, and absolutely no leaving the preeminence for any reason. So does that mean Lohan will receive no special treatment? Yeah right, we all know how that is going to work out, after all a few tears hasn’t failed her yet to getting her way.

According to omg.yahoo.com “lock down” rehab for Lohan will be a good idea because she will not be allowed to leave. As well as her days in rehab being very regimented something she is not use to. Treatment can cost up to $50,000 per month. Being that she will be spending three months there, this rehab will cost Lohan $150,000. My god! thank goodness this actress was successful at one point, than again who knows if all her money already has gone to waist on alcohol.

It’s sad to see such a talented actress throw her life away. I still find it hard to understand how the judge believes a six time will actually work. Ummm if it didn’t work the first two times if that is not gonna work a six time. Lohan has her mind set on partying that isn’t gonna change. She needs to accept the fact that she cannot keep living like this. Sweetie you are 26- years old almost hiding 30 get a grip of your life, your not 21 any more.

New treatment and new tools to help Lohan overcome this. Will it work? who knows for all i know is this ones healthy actress can fall back to her old ways. But don’t worry Lohan if it doesn’t work and you have to go back to court i’m sure you’ll get another shot at rehab.

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GSP wins Diaz is still an asshole

This past saturday was the UFC fight the main event in the Welterweight Championship fight featuring GSP (Georges St. Pierre) v.s. Diaz (Nick Diaz). And in my opinion that fight was a complete disappointment. Diaz did a very good job at talking S*** and in the end he only got his ass kicked. Although Diaz is normally considered a good fighter he had nothing to sh


ow for at the fight, GSP took control of every round, using his wrestling skills. GSP had a total of nine takedown that night.

It seemed as if Diaz did not perform to his full performance. Were GSP took advantage of every situation. Diaz fought with his mouth and not with his skills. At the end of the fight the comments he made to broadcaster Joe Rogan, made him seem nothing more than a sore loser. You have to learn to win, and accept the times you loose. Diaz hint at maybe retiring? I guess he can’t handle loosing. I honestly believe Diaz should grow a pare and get over it.

As for GSP looks like he has an opponent in line already. Johny Hendricks. Hendricks fought in the previous fight, that i would defiantly consider “The Fight Of The Night” with out a doubt.

Hendricks faced of Carlos Condit. Both great fighters with out a doubt. Hendricks is a feisty little guy in comp-arising to Condit. He came out to win, both of them came out to win, but in the end Hendricks came out on top. Hendricks also used his wrestling skills against Condit and had several take downs as well.

I do hope Hendricks receives the shot at fighting GSP after all like he mentioned to Rogan “I earned it,” and he did he deserves a shot. And i look forward to seeing this fight if it does ever happen.

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In Class Free Write March 18

The stock market who wouldn’t want to invest their money with the hopes of it being beneficial in the end? Yet, this can be a risky bet. just like the stock market can grow over night it can also have a huge downfall. 

According to inquistir.com, hollywood actress Mila Kunis has found a new way to invest her money. Many market experts think that kunis would be walking into a trap. I think people tend to miss judge females to quick let alone under estimate them.

Kunis found an interest in the stock marketing business, many experience stockers fear that it will be a downfall once new “amateur” stockers begging to join the stock market. how hypocritical of them, did they forget that they too were once an “amateur” stocker.

i look forward to seeing where Kunis investments take her, and if she does loose money, she can just do another movie and gain it back. However because i am a fan of Kunis i wish her nothing but success and hope she proves those who doubted her wrong. 


Catholic believers can restore faith in new Pope

The new Pope has finally been appointed. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina. He is the first non-European pope and will go by the name Pope Francis. The 76-year old is known as a humble man who denied himself of the luxuries previous Buenos Aires cardinals would enjoy. He also would ride the bus to work, as well as cook his own meals.

Personally i can care less about thepope. Don’t get me wrong I have faith, but I Am a strong believer in GOD not a pope. I believe it is very pope-francis-2 someone to idolize someone who is NOT GOD.Someone who is a strong believer god but yet idolizes someone other than GOD? Doesn’t make sense. However everyone is entitled to serve, and idolized whom ever they please.

Although i am not a fan I must admit that i am surprised at how different he is from past popes. Last year he mentioned this to Argentinas priest; “Jesus teaches-us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit,” And that in my books he is already wining we don’t live to please anyone other than GOD, at leas thats how i feel.

People might disagree with me or might get offended by what i believe, i do hope he makes a different and help those in need. Do i look up to him? No, Do the decisions he makes interest me? No. Like I mentioned I can care less about the pope. I believe what I believe and I know where my faith stands.

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In-Class Assignment March, 6

Paying for college is expensive and tuition is only increasing. Many student are un aware as in to what kind of or if their is even any scholarships that they can receive. To be honest i myself am one of those clueless college students. And as a college student it doesn’t hurt to apply after all who doesn’t love free money? Surprisingly their are many scholarships out there, and some even come from the College or University you are attending.
Let’s look at one scholarship that i am planing to apply for. If and when i attend Northridge they provide their own scholarship for student who plan to major in journalism. The scholarship range from $250-$750. Might not seem as a lot of money but to a college student receiving any amount of financial help is already rewarding.
It is important that as you fill out these applications you make sure you meet all the requirements. It is not hard finding a scholarship in whatever field you choose to head towards. Right now Northridge is doing their Spring scholarships. But in order to apply for you have to be one attending the school, and second be majoring in journalism of course.
Their are a sufficient number of scholarship applications available, to all students, trust me finding scholarships is not hard, the hard part is trying not to be lazy and get it done, but if it is for your own benefit why not do it?