Closing one Chapter

It has officially come to an end. The Jonas Brothers are no longer a group. What can i say? i am devastated, heart broken, speech less, But with all that i will always be a Jonas fan. Six years of supporting them, they where my first ever concert and the memories will live on forever. From driving all the way to Vegas twice to watch them, seeing them perform numerous of times here in LA whether it was performing at a venue, at the grove, watching their 3D movie or even seeing the softball/soccer games they would have, and my favorite memory ditching school my senior year just to meet Nick. Oh man the trouble i got into the following day, but it was all worth it. The things these boys made their fans do. Just to see them the energy they brought just light up the room, to the tears fans would be in when Nick would perform “A little bit longer,” and the advice, encouragement speech he would deliver along with it. It wasn’t only relating to their music but also some of the amazing people i got to meet a long the way, and for that i am thankful. It is sad to see them coming to an end but they are growing and as they grow your path may change along the way. “Family first,” said Nick, and as fans we need to respect that. However they are giving one last gift to their fans anyone that is a ‘Fan Club Member’ will receive four of the songs that where suppose to be released on the new album. So they will leave us something to remember them by. Keep the memories and cherish them forever, they where part of us growing up, “As you move on in life you have to take the experience with you as a memory and not your reality”-Nick Jonas. They may be over as a band but i know great things are awaiting for each one of them, and i cannot wait to see what they do for the rest of their lives. FOREVER A JONAS FAN. Whether its together or individual.

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GSP wins Diaz is still an asshole

This past saturday was the UFC fight the main event in the Welterweight Championship fight featuring GSP (Georges St. Pierre) v.s. Diaz (Nick Diaz). And in my opinion that fight was a complete disappointment. Diaz did a very good job at talking S*** and in the end he only got his ass kicked. Although Diaz is normally considered a good fighter he had nothing to sh


ow for at the fight, GSP took control of every round, using his wrestling skills. GSP had a total of nine takedown that night.

It seemed as if Diaz did not perform to his full performance. Were GSP took advantage of every situation. Diaz fought with his mouth and not with his skills. At the end of the fight the comments he made to broadcaster Joe Rogan, made him seem nothing more than a sore loser. You have to learn to win, and accept the times you loose. Diaz hint at maybe retiring? I guess he can’t handle loosing. I honestly believe Diaz should grow a pare and get over it.

As for GSP looks like he has an opponent in line already. Johny Hendricks. Hendricks fought in the previous fight, that i would defiantly consider “The Fight Of The Night” with out a doubt.

Hendricks faced of Carlos Condit. Both great fighters with out a doubt. Hendricks is a feisty little guy in comp-arising to Condit. He came out to win, both of them came out to win, but in the end Hendricks came out on top. Hendricks also used his wrestling skills against Condit and had several take downs as well.

I do hope Hendricks receives the shot at fighting GSP after all like he mentioned to Rogan “I earned it,” and he did he deserves a shot. And i look forward to seeing this fight if it does ever happen.

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Catholic believers can restore faith in new Pope

The new Pope has finally been appointed. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina. He is the first non-European pope and will go by the name Pope Francis. The 76-year old is known as a humble man who denied himself of the luxuries previous Buenos Aires cardinals would enjoy. He also would ride the bus to work, as well as cook his own meals.

Personally i can care less about thepope. Don’t get me wrong I have faith, but I Am a strong believer in GOD not a pope. I believe it is very pope-francis-2 someone to idolize someone who is NOT GOD.Someone who is a strong believer god but yet idolizes someone other than GOD? Doesn’t make sense. However everyone is entitled to serve, and idolized whom ever they please.

Although i am not a fan I must admit that i am surprised at how different he is from past popes. Last year he mentioned this to Argentinas priest; “Jesus teaches-us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit,” And that in my books he is already wining we don’t live to please anyone other than GOD, at leas thats how i feel.

People might disagree with me or might get offended by what i believe, i do hope he makes a different and help those in need. Do i look up to him? No, Do the decisions he makes interest me? No. Like I mentioned I can care less about the pope. I believe what I believe and I know where my faith stands.

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In-Class Assignment March 4: ‘Hopeless Infant Possibly Saved…’

Unaware that she herself was infected with this disease, mother transmits it to unborn baby. Mississippi medicals have made history by curing the baby born with HIV. The child was under the care of Dr. Hannah Gay, at the University of Mississippi medical center. The young infant, now two years old started treatment 30 hours after birth.

The unidentified child has now been “Functionally cured” and has been off medication for the past year with no signs of the HIV infection, according to ABC news. The infant received three forms of drugs, which included AZT, 3TC, and Nevirapine.

The baby was in treatment and in care up until he was 12 to 15 month of age. He then disappeared and doctors knew nothing of the child, and the mom. The baby returned when it was 23 month old. Doctors were astonished to find the baby pure from the disease.

The child still receives a check-up from doctor Gay every few months. “I just check for the virus and keep praying that it stays gone,” Gay told The Associated Press. The mother is also receiving medication to control the HIV disease.

Only time will tell us if for certain this child has been utterly cleansed from HIV. If in fact this happens to be true it will give hope to the thousands of children around the world born with this infection.

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It’s a Latin kind of Night

The “Latina” in me has awoken tonight. The “Premio Lo Nuestro” is finally here. Personally i enjoy this award show very much. Hence spanish music is one of my favorite types of music. Just like any other award show, it is filled with music, jokes, tears. This year’s award show made a special honoring to “La Gran Señora” Jenny Rivera may she R.I.P. The best of the best are honored tonight. And may i say their is many talented artist.
Each performer  has their own unique style. I especially loved Pedro Fernandez performance, boy did he do good. And was pleased to see Jesse y Joy take home an award for their song “Corre” Now that’s the song i sing my heart out to and break a few windows too. (Yeah was not granted with a pleasant voice).
This years performers did an amazing job. Their was slow love songs sang, but as well as up beat songs that made you want to get up and dance as Pitbull would say “Dale”, and you can’t go wrong with having “mariachi” their. I loved Loved that they have a variety of performances.

Overall Premio Lo Nuestro was entertaining, defiantly worth 3 hours of my life.

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A cheap Night stay, that Caused her life

Canadian tourist Elisa Lam, 21, body was found in a water tank on top of a downtown Los Angeles Cecil Hotel late Tuesday. The tourist had been missing for nearly three weeks, said LAPD.

canadian murder

The body was found by a hotel maintains, after guest complained about low water pressure, said police spokeswoman officer Diana Figueroa. LA authorities said, the body had been in the water tank for two weeks and had been severely discomposed. Oddly strange since the hotel reports that the roof top is locked and could only be open with keys.

Lam  from Vancouver, British Columbia, had traveled to California alone on Jan. 27. She was last seen by hotel workers on Jan.31. Now investigators are trying to determine what truly cause Lam’s death, or if this could be a foul play.

LAPD Homecide, released a secure video that shows Lam acting in an aberrant way, at the hotel elevator. She seemed paranoid as if someone were to be fallowing her.

Although the Canadian tourist traveled alone, she maintained contact with her parents up until the day she disappeared. Their is no information on Lam having any medical problems that can lead up to her acting in that strange behavior in the elevator.

The hotel had once been a home to other serial killers such as Richard Ramirez, and Jack Unterweger. Police report that other crimes have been reported at this crime scene.

Lam was traveling to Santa Cruz, a destination she would never reach. The investigation is still on going.

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The “Virgin” Man

Every season it is the same thing…A bachelor longing to find love, and the girls longing to marry someone for money i mean love. And their is always that one crazy girl that try’s to make herself seem normal and “nice.” Personally all these girls are dumb, why on earth would you compete with other girls to get the love of one guy…ummm their is millions of people in the world. And in the end most of these people do not even find love.

bachelorNow their are rumors that this season Bachelor Chris Harrison is the “Virgin” of the bachelor. He is the only one that hasn’t hooked up with any of the contestants. that is some B***S*** I’m so sure he is. Who are they trying to fool? If he truly is snaps, snaps for him. And if he is not why lie about it? After all he is trying to find LOVE.

Most Bachelor at the end of the season feel that they have found the person they believe could be the one, and a month or so later they end up breaking up. I do hope Harrison does find love i mean he is very attractive, and man those blue eyes are beautiful, but i doubt he will find it with any of the girls on the show.