“Lock Down” for Lohan

Third  Six times the charm? Lindsay Lohan seems to be heading back to rehab. The 26-year old actress accepted a plead this past monday that will sentience her to “lock down” rehab for 90 days. This will be the six time Lohan has been in treatment in the past six years.

The new “Lock Down” treatment will mean that Lohan will be working on her sobriety 24/7. No visits, and absolutely no leaving the preeminence for any reason. So does that mean Lohan will receive no special treatment? Yeah right, we all know how that is going to work out, after all a few tears hasn’t failed her yet to getting her way.

According to omg.yahoo.com “lock down” rehab for Lohan will be a good idea because she will not be allowed to leave. As well as her days in rehab being very regimented something she is not use to. Treatment can cost up to $50,000 per month. Being that she will be spending three months there, this rehab will cost Lohan $150,000. My god! thank goodness this actress was successful at one point, than again who knows if all her money already has gone to waist on alcohol.

It’s sad to see such a talented actress throw her life away. I still find it hard to understand how the judge believes a six time will actually work. Ummm if it didn’t work the first two times if that is not gonna work a six time. Lohan has her mind set on partying that isn’t gonna change. She needs to accept the fact that she cannot keep living like this. Sweetie you are 26- years old almost hiding 30 get a grip of your life, your not 21 any more.

New treatment and new tools to help Lohan overcome this. Will it work? who knows for all i know is this ones healthy actress can fall back to her old ways. But don’t worry Lohan if it doesn’t work and you have to go back to court i’m sure you’ll get another shot at rehab.

Check out this website to get a recap of the Lindsay Lohan court trial



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