In Class Free Write March 18

The stock market who wouldn’t want to invest their money with the hopes of it being beneficial in the end? Yet, this can be a risky bet. just like the stock market can grow over night it can also have a huge downfall. 

According to, hollywood actress Mila Kunis has found a new way to invest her money. Many market experts think that kunis would be walking into a trap. I think people tend to miss judge females to quick let alone under estimate them.

Kunis found an interest in the stock marketing business, many experience stockers fear that it will be a downfall once new “amateur” stockers begging to join the stock market. how hypocritical of them, did they forget that they too were once an “amateur” stocker.

i look forward to seeing where Kunis investments take her, and if she does loose money, she can just do another movie and gain it back. However because i am a fan of Kunis i wish her nothing but success and hope she proves those who doubted her wrong. 



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