In-Class Assignment March, 6

Paying for college is expensive and tuition is only increasing. Many student are un aware as in to what kind of or if their is even any scholarships that they can receive. To be honest i myself am one of those clueless college students. And as a college student it doesn’t hurt to apply after all who doesn’t love free money? Surprisingly their are many scholarships out there, and some even come from the College or University you are attending.
Let’s look at one scholarship that i am planing to apply for. If and when i attend Northridge they provide their own scholarship for student who plan to major in journalism. The scholarship range from $250-$750. Might not seem as a lot of money but to a college student receiving any amount of financial help is already rewarding.
It is important that as you fill out these applications you make sure you meet all the requirements. It is not hard finding a scholarship in whatever field you choose to head towards. Right now Northridge is doing their Spring scholarships. But in order to apply for you have to be one attending the school, and second be majoring in journalism of course.
Their are a sufficient number of scholarship applications available, to all students, trust me finding scholarships is not hard, the hard part is trying not to be lazy and get it done, but if it is for your own benefit why not do it?


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