In-Class Assignment March 4: ‘Hopeless Infant Possibly Saved…’

Unaware that she herself was infected with this disease, mother transmits it to unborn baby. Mississippi medicals have made history by curing the baby born with HIV. The child was under the care of Dr. Hannah Gay, at the University of Mississippi medical center. The young infant, now two years old started treatment 30 hours after birth.

The unidentified child has now been “Functionally cured” and has been off medication for the past year with no signs of the HIV infection, according to ABC news. The infant received three forms of drugs, which included AZT, 3TC, and Nevirapine.

The baby was in treatment and in care up until he was 12 to 15 month of age. He then disappeared and doctors knew nothing of the child, and the mom. The baby returned when it was 23 month old. Doctors were astonished to find the baby pure from the disease.

The child still receives a check-up from doctor Gay every few months. “I just check for the virus and keep praying that it stays gone,” Gay told The Associated Press. The mother is also receiving medication to control the HIV disease.

Only time will tell us if for certain this child has been utterly cleansed from HIV. If in fact this happens to be true it will give hope to the thousands of children around the world born with this infection.

For the full story check out;


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