’21 & Over’ movie review

Once again we can applaud the writers from ‘The Hangover.’ Jon Lucas and Scott Moore truly outdid themselves with ’21&Over.‘ The movie begins with Cassey (Skylar Astin) and Miller (Miles Teller), Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) best friends walking through campus butt naked literally nothing but a sock covering their private area, and a red sorority mark plastered on their left butt cheek. Cassey and Miller are there to surprise Chang for his twenty first birthday. Chang refuses to go out, being that he has an important medical school interview early the next morning. Chang is convinced after Miller threatens to stand outside his window blowing an air horn till he decides to go out. After being convinced, what Chang thought would be a short night of one drink, ended up being completely opposite.

The young birthday boy…correction man was completely hammered to say the least. When they try to return Chang home with enough time for him to rest, they find themselves to be unfamiliar with the area and fail to remember were exactly Chang lived. This leads them to have a crazy night filled with college party’s, breaking into Sorority homes, college pep rally’s, and lets not forget alcohol, alcohol, and more alcohol.

Although the movie is a comedy and has you crying of laughter, it does have a few turning points that I am sure anyone can connect to. After all we all have either been 21, are 21, or are going to be 21. The film is not only filled with laughters, but also life lessons in direct to a college student; the stress, the wanting to party, the growing up, the long time friendships, the lost of communication and the meaning of being able to choose the path you want to take in your life, not the ones your parents have chosen for you.

This truly is a great movie and a MUST see. You will not regret it, get ready to laugh till you cry because I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. The only thing I hope is that my friends don’t forget where I live on my twenty first.


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