The “Virgin” Man

Every season it is the same thing…A bachelor longing to find love, and the girls longing to marry someone for money i mean love. And their is always that one crazy girl that try’s to make herself seem normal and “nice.” Personally all these girls are dumb, why on earth would you compete with other girls to get the love of one guy…ummm their is millions of people in the world. And in the end most of these people do not even find love.

bachelorNow their are rumors that this season Bachelor Chris Harrison is the “Virgin” of the bachelor. He is the only one that hasn’t hooked up with any of the contestants. that is some B***S*** I’m so sure he is. Who are they trying to fool? If he truly is snaps, snaps for him. And if he is not why lie about it? After all he is trying to find LOVE.

Most Bachelor at the end of the season feel that they have found the person they believe could be the one, and a month or so later they end up breaking up. I do hope Harrison does find love i mean he is very attractive, and man those blue eyes are beautiful, but i doubt he will find it with any of the girls on the show.


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