Can you hear the weeding bells chime?

The sound of weeding bells, i guess every girls dream to one day marry their prince charming. I absolutely love weddings, i mean were else can you get free cake? No but really i just love seeing the way the groom looks at the bride as she is making her way down the aisle, It’s like the groom looks at the bride and he is falling in love all over again. And of course their comes the water works. People crying of joy, parents crying of joy and also seeing their kids finally setting of to begging their own family. While this day is fill with emotions, it is one of the most beautiful celebrations. Two “love birds” finally joining as one. I was extremely happy for my cousin, i means he is finally married, and it’s next to her best friend some one who she dearly is in love with, and i couldn’t be any happier for them. Congrats to the new couple!!! And i got to be the photographer yay!


IMG_0695 - Version 3 IMG_0698IMG_0688IMG_0701 - Version 2


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