Work it girl, and smile for the camera

This past week was the grand opening for “Topshop, Topman” a clothing store for both men and woman, that showcase a variety of different styles, and designers from J.W. Anderson to CJG. Topshop finally made it’s way into the heart of california LA. They opened their very first store at The Grove in LA, and might i say their arrival is one for the books. The grand opening took place on Feb. 14. And may i say they couldn’t have picked a better place to open this store. The grove is truly a beautiful place filled with a lot more fashion stores to shop at.

IMG_3635Topshop gave the first 100 people in line a free gift card were some held up to $100 dollars. Making their arrival in london cabs, and a live performance from Demi Lovato, this unique fashion store is finally open. Check out their website at

And if you happen to be in the area stop by and take a look at the new store for yourself!


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