Caught…Yet no evidence to Prove It???

0207-christopher-dorner-1LAPD officers have been on the manhunt for murder Christopher Dorner. Dorner has been on the run for the past two weeks. Let’s just say he’s been studying criminal minds carefully, and had this whole thing planed out. He has military experience and let’s not forget he was an ex cop. His whole motto revolves on the fact that he got fired from the LAPD. Seriously, like how hard is it to capture someone? It’s one of him and hundreds of police members, Especially when he had displayed what he planed on doing.

A demented person, yet smart at the same time. If he was once viewed as a “HERO”, their is nothing heroic left about him. Although i find it ridiculous that police say the chase is over yet their is no physical capture of Christopher Dorner, Will someone mind explaining to me how that works?

Well if he is yet to be captured looks like ill be quitting my job for the rest of the week to go look for him. Why? The police is only offering $1 million dollars for any information leading to his capture.

Let’s hope that this nightmare is over and their can be peace in the life of our LAPD again,as well as the life’s of others. As anyone who in some how was affected by this my prayers do go out to you.

To get the whole 411 check out this website;


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