Shit Out of Luck!

     startin Justin Bateman & Melissa McCarthy    The new comedy  movie of the year Identity Thief  is by far one of the funniest movie i have seen in a while. We are familiar with Jason Bateman who plays an account representative who’s identity is stolen by non other than Melissa McCarthy. We have recently seen McCarthy in supporting acting roles such as, Bridesmaids, Gilmore Girls. She got her big break when she landed the starting role in the  sit com “Mike & Molly”.

In the movie McCarthy as Diana plays a women who lives in Miami, and goes on unending shopping sprees or at least that is what it appears as. Diana is able to do this by stealing the identity of others, in this case Justin Bateman otherwise known as Sandy  Bigelow Patterson. Patterson is on the verge of loosing everything including his job, he is given one week to clear his name. He sets out to Miami to get a hold of Diana and convince her to go back to Denver with him and confess what she has done. Mind you Patterson is all the way in Denver, Colorado, and Diana is in Miami. Diana and Patterson will endure on an amusing/dangerous adventure. and Patterson finds that he is not the only one after Diana. Now he has to make sure to keep her and himself safe and get back to Denver in one peace.

You will find that the movie not only encounters funny moments but also very emotive moments…(Or at least that might just be me, i mean i cried during Bolt). Any who the movie does have emotional moments, hence those moments are the motive that turned Diana from being a crook, and Sandy’s decision to turn Diana in.

Therefore i do believe this movie is well worth the $8.75 i payed to watch it (the perks of being a college student). Hands down McCarthy did an outstanding job along with the other cast mates. And i can honestly say i look forward to seeing more of her in the near future.


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