Shine bright like a Moon

I don’t usually tend to write on topics non related to the entertainment world hence because nothing else really interest me. But today i decided to expand my choices. Yesterday night at my Astronomy class was coming to an end my professor, which i think i’m in the right to call him an Astronomy freak (in a good way anyways) mentioned of a Comet we will be able to see in march.

I personally have never seen a comet, and was very  intrigue by this news and will defiantly be looking out for when it heads our way. I know that the comet is named ISON, and is said to be as bright as the moon. Now on a dark night when there is a full moon, that thing is pretty bright, now emagine seeing a bright object pass our night sky? Sounds pretty amazing if you ask me.

So even if you are not into this type of things, i highly suggest you do keep a look out for the arrival of ISON. I can promise you , you will not be disappointed let your eyes capture the beauty of universe that surrounds us.


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