The King of Hide-n-Seek has been Found

We all remember 9/11 as a tragic moment where many people lost loved ones thousands of Americans where killed. The attack of the Twin Towers, and the Pentagon, an attack lead by Osama Bin Laden who lead a group called Al-Qaida, and declared an open war with the U.S. 

Obama and the CIA made it there top priority of the war against Al-Qaida  to capture Osama. The communication with Pakistan helped the U.S. lead to Osama. It was last week that they had located Osama and today at President direction a small group of U.S. army went in to deep Pakistan with the objective of capturing Osama DEAD or ALIVE. 

Osama was reported Dead today May, 1, 2011. The Most wanted Man in the world has been captured. After a fire fight the U.S. did in fact take possession of his body. “Justice has Been Serve” -President Obama.

Does this mean that the war is over? Will our troops return home? Or should we be prepared for a retaliate?


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