A little competition doesn’t hurt anyone…or does it

A little friendly competition is never bad. But when this competition leads a man to a comma does it become too much then? The Dodgers started the season against the San Francisco Giants. A Giants fan was attending the game, and as they departed he got attacked by Dodger fans.

I am a huge baseball fan and Dodgers are my favorite team, and as a fan these just leaves me embarrassed. How can someones rivalry go so far to hurt someone critically. It seems like fans are going more just to Drink and cause problems than to enjoy the game.

I was very pleased with the speech that was made by a player from both Giants and Dodgers team at the beginning of the game. I am not saying competition is bad because you need something to push you when playing to strive to win. But when it extended to a point of physically or verbally hurting someone is just wrong.

What are you’re thought’s?


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