The 3rd season of Jersey Shore came to an end today. And how did it finish you may ask…Well there’s no surprise to that it ends with more drama. I mean how many times must Sammy and Ron argue before they truly mean there DONE!?

They will start Filming a 4th season sometime in the spring. Get ready ITALY. The 4th season will be filmed in Italy, and the season show will begging with a Dinner at one of the cast “Vinny’s” house along with his family. They are headed to the birth place of the culture they love and grew up by. I can’t wait to see what Italy has to offer for these GUIDOS.

A few things i can assure you that will not change are; GTL Gym, Tanning, Laundry.

And remember if Snookie ever becomes president the economy will rise, and we will all be tan.


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