The Oscars

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards, the highest profiled event in entertainment. Was Hosted by the young, and popular movie stars Anne Hathaway and James Franco. It is the most important red carpet event. We’ve waited all year and now the best of the best were awarded tonight.

The Oscars are more of a dull award show, having so me sort of humor is important. I found it delirious when James came out in a pink dress as Anne performed a musical to Hugh Jackman. Another funny moment was when Melissa Leo, dropped the first F-BOMB in Oscar history.Β  I guess you can say she was a little to excited about winning an Oscar, but hey who wouldn’t be?

Some of tonight’s winners included;

Christian Bale: Best supporting actor for the fighter

Alice in Wonderland: For Best Costume

Colin Firth: Best Actor in a leading role

Natalie Portman: Best Actress in a leading role

Inception: Visual Affects

The only award that left me a little upset was The King’s Speech taking home Best Picture i felt that Inception deserved that award. But there’s no doubt that these year’s Movie were all incredible.

The show closed with a performance by the PS22 Chorus a 5th grade class from Staten Island. Singing some where over the rainbow. A dream come true for these young kids to have the opportunity to perform at the Oscars. They did a GREAT job.


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