It’s the Grammy’s

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards left a few shockers tonight. I was very please to see Lady Antebellum take home 5 awards, along with Eminem, Lady Gaga etc. There were some surprising outcomes to tonight’s winner’s though especially for Album of the Year award i would have never thought that Arcade Fire would have taken home this award, especially when Eminem’s Recovery record was the year’s best selling album. Another surprising outcome was Justin Bieber taking home 0 awards “nada”. Everyone was expecting him to walk out with an award tonight Especially for Best New Artist. It was a shocker to see him loose to Esperanza Spalding, when very few know who she is.I guess you can say it was some what of unpredictable this year.

They could not have picked better artist to perform at this years award show. They all did with out a doubt an AMAZING job. The awards may have been some what of a shocker tonight but overall i give This Year’s Grammy’s a thumbs up.


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