Green Bay Brings it Back

The XLV Annual Football Super Bowl was Held today February 6th 2011 at Arlington Texas. Also Known as the home Of the Dallas Cowboys. Green Bay Packers took the Championship defeating the Pitsburg Stealers 31-25. Aaron Rodgers led the Packers to there first NFL victory in 14 years. Starting of strong, scoring two touchdowns in the 1st quarter.

Now Besides the excitement of the game something that everyone looks forward to are the commercials.Β  With the exception of a few i found it to be that this year’s commercial we’re rather apathetic.

This year’s halftime performance included the Black Eye Peas, Slash, and Usher. Hhhmm kinda of a weird mix, if you ask me? Even though I am a fan of the Black Eye Peas, and Usher, this halftime show was a Fail. The concept and the lighting of outfits which reminded me of Tron were Creative the Audio and tech were disappointing. The concept does not make up for this dreadful performance, as they sang “tonight’s gonna be a good night”Β  i was just praying that tonight’s performance would end.


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